This New Year We Are Launching Our First Showroom: Watch this Space!

Behind the scenes here at Professional Finish, we are excited to start the new year with a bang. Of course we have been working hard on perfecting your beautiful homes, but meanwhile on the side-lines we have also been busy planning the launch of an exciting new showroom to exhibit our stunning new ranges and designs this new year.
We are very excited about the opening of our new showroom, as we are more than ready to show you what we have to offer your home. The new showroom will feature 5 kitchen displays and 5 bathroom displays, each of which have been produced by our selected top end manufacturers. These original designs showcase a picture of luxury and sophistication, for reasonable, affordable prices.


There is also a presentation suite in which you will be personally presented the details of your bespoke quote. Whilst these designs are really just the tip of the iceberg showing what we can achieve in your home, visiting the showroom can really give you a taste of what we have to offer, and you can visualise what your house could look like with our help.
The particular brands being showcased are Masterclass Kitchens, and Utopia Bathrooms, featuring appliances from Bosch and Neff. Although the showroom features bathroom and kitchen designs, we can also work on other rooms of your house, bedrooms and living rooms, so whatever your home needs, our team can provide it for you.


Here at Professional Finish we take pride in the originality of our processes to fulfil the entire project of designing, supplying and installing the kitchens and bathrooms. We can take on the whole project from start to finish with no subcontracting.
We believe that if you can dream it, we can design, supply and install it. There really are no limits on what we can achieve in your home, and the new showroom will show you just some of the impeccable designs we can offer you.


We pride ourselves on quality installation, and quality appliances, which lead to a 100% flawless product. We are excited to open the new showroom because it will give us the chance to show potential clients the ranges we offer and just a few of the designs we are so proud to deliver.
If you have a dream of what your home could look like, or if you are just looking for some inspiration, you can start bringing your vision to life in the new year at the Professional Finish showroom, Unit 4, Quarry Park Close, Moulton Park.

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