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A Professional Finish to Bathrooms Northampton

Wondering where to start while planning for a brand-new bathroom? Well, you do not have to do it alone anymore. Professional Finish add to the excitement that comes with renovation and installation of bathrooms in Northampton, offering you impressive ideas to help you add character to the design of your choice. We assure to highlight your idea develop it and build it together. Whatever the size and budget you are working with, Professional Finish will optimise it for an end result of a customised bathroom, adding glistening style to your home. Whether your style is sleek and modern, or classic and traditional we will cater to it with the highest level of deliverance.

Checklist to Refer Before Opting for Renovation of Bathrooms Northampton


Considering your budget is essential as it outlines your bandwidth to spend on your bathrooms in Northampton. Setting a budget will work as a guide for you as well as for our team to help us to provide you with suggestions and ideas that will work best for the renovation and installation of your bathroom. Budgeting will help you allocate your finances on tiling, fixtures and extras accordingly.

Working with Time Frames:

Renovation and installation of bathrooms Northampton will take time depending upon the number of changes you wish to make, irrespective of the size of the bathroom. Keeping a close watch on the timeline not only refers to defining the duration of the alteration process, but also includes intermediate steps such as the process of ordering and purchasing fixtures, tiles, custom-built units and cabinets to ensure their timely deliverance as per the needs.

Working Chronologically to Deal with Concealed Problems:

Professional Finish prides itself in working sequentially to save you a lot of clean up time and mistakes. Our highly experienced fitters understand that remodelling begins with the ceiling first, followed by the walls and then the floors so as to prevent damage to the new components of the bathrooms in Northampton.  This means we are always prepared in case concealed problems come to light, such as water damage and structural deficiencies in the floor framing, defective and old plumbing, non-waterproof tiling and shower or tub surrounds etc. With our professionalism and expertise, we tackle these problems to ensure your end product is a flawless bathroom, adding tremendous long-term value to your home.

Design Technique:

When you start thinking about the final look that you envisage for your bathroom, you may consider various factors like paint, colour, tile choices, cabinets, showers, tubs, faucets, etc. It can very quickly become overwhelming and this is where we step in to offer you advice and direction to your imagination with our team of experts who specialise in designing bathrooms in Northampton.


The overall size of the bathroom, electrical wirings and location of the existing plumbing and pipes is crucial to any alterations that you wish to make in a bathroom. Therefore, we schedule a home visit to ensure that measurements and specifications are perfect for designing flawless bathrooms in Northampton.

Storage, Shelving and Cabinets:

We take care while planning and selecting the cabinets, their shelving and storing solutions as these can be tricky to deal with. Our experts will design your bathroom in a functional and accommodating style whilst always ensuring the aesthetics of the bathroom are desirable. We ensure that the units we install will fit neatly into your bathrooms in Northampton, enhancing and optimising the space you have available whilst maintaining a stylish look.

Flooring and Walls:

Flooring and tiling is a separate service that we offer, ranging from ceramic, porcelain, natural stone wall or floor tiling. Our company values dictate our attention to detail when it comes to cleanliness and consideration while in the customer’s home. We offer suggestions that will be slip-resistant and durable.

Lighting and Proper Ventilation:

Lighting is an essential function that adds to the aura of the whole bathroom design. It is recommended that you have at least 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot.

We ensure that proper ventilation is incorporated with choosing the electrical wiring the right position and installation of a fan. Proper ventilation ensures the health of the bathroom and continual airflow which prevents decay of any wooden fixtures and avoids full saturation of the bathrooms in Northampton.

Unique Installation Services for Bathrooms Northampton

Our experienced team of fitters will provide you with unique installation services and the best suggestions to revitalise your bathrooms in Northampton. The quality of the job can be defined depending on the skill of installation and on the quality of products that are used for installation purposes. We take away your worries related with renovation and installation with our team of highly expert workers.

Our design team works in perfect sync with our installation team to give you flawless end results. The whole process begins with removal of the old suite units which are then carefully recycled, and the waste is then disposed of in the most environment friendly manner. The next step is adjusting all the water feeds and waste connections to match with the new installation. Product familiarity is crucial at this stage, as this is when re-positioning of water, waste and electrical feeds takes place. This is followed by plastering which is done to fix the damage caused by the removal and alteration, levelling and squaring of the walls. This is done to give the room a new fresh feel and prepare it for painting and decorating.

By now, the room is ready for Professional Finish Fitters to carefully install various cabinets and units with smart fit and finish. Bathrooms in Northampton can be tiled with a variety of options for both wall and floor tiling in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. Tiling is crucial to the entire final look of the finished room which is why we specialise make it our expertise. We offer a range of glass panels and aqua boards for the walls and vinyl, laminate, wood and carpet for the floors.

Room Alterations of Bathrooms in Northampton

We provide installation services with stud walling and, expert opinion on moving existing walls to make better use of the space or to divide up a room to create an en-suite.

Warm-Up Underfloor Heating for Bathrooms in Northampton

Electric Underfloor heating is a modern and popular feature that allows you to enjoy the magnificence of warm floors during cold winter mornings. It is an amazing compliment to tiled floors and is very easy to use adding comfort to your overall bathing experience.

Professional Finish for Bathrooms Northampton

With exceptional skill, expertise and experience, Professional Finish are an ideal choice when it comes to renovation and installation of bathrooms Northampton. One of our key distinguishing factors is that we do not sub-contract our work, but boast our own dedicated team of professional and experienced fitters and tilers who work to exacting standards.

All the work done by our electricians, gas engineers and fitters is certified and has issue of correct paperwork so you can rest assured in respect of a quality job.

We hold £2 million Public Liability insurance and £10 million Employers' Liability insurance, giving you complete peace of mind.

Feel free to exploit our free design and quote service by getting in touch.

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