Transforming a Bathroom into a Luxurious Retreat

Case Study

Transforming a Bathroom into a Luxurious Retreat

Transforming a Bathroom into a Luxurious Retreat

Our client, residing in the picturesque town of Wootton, Northampton, approached us with a distinctive vision for the transformation of their main bathroom. Expressing a desire to elevate the space into one of luxury and style, the client came well-prepared with a curated mood board. This visual guide showcased their preferences in terms of colours, styles, tiles, and showers, which allowed us to have a full understanding of what they wanted.

Given our reputation as an independent bathroom installer, we were able to  work closely with the client, ensuring that every element they had envisioned for their dream bathroom was not only understood but also meticulously incorporated into the final design - with the exact tiling and shower that they’d researched found and installed by us.

Removing the Existing Suite

Our skilled fitters embarked on the transformative journey by removing the entire existing bathroom suite, leaving behind nothing but plastered walls as the blank canvas for what was to become a luxurious bathroom.

In response to the client's desire for a transition from a traditional bath to a modern walk-in shower, our team executed comprehensive plumbing alterations. All the work was undertaken to install the recessed shower valve neatly in the centre of the shower tray, exactly where the customer had requested it.

Personalised Design

To fulfil the client's design preferences and create a harmonious layout, a custom stud work partition was crafted. This not only concealed the plumbing intricacies but also cleverly housed the toilet cistern, strategically positioned in front of the window to complement the envisioned style seamlessly.

The spatial reconfiguration continued with the installation of a custom larder cupboard in the former shower enclosure space. This bespoke solution not only maximises storage for towels and essentials but also features a design that blends with the overall aesthetics, appearing as an integral part of the room rather than a standalone unit.

Elevating the opulence of the bathroom, the client opted for premium travertine tiles. Our team skilfully cut and fitted these expensive tiles, ensuring a flawless finish even within the confines of the shower recess, where precision was paramount.

The Finer Details

The installation of a mirror, a wall-hung basin unit, a shaver socket, and a towel rail served as the finishing touches, harmoniously combining to create a lavishly styled and functionally sophisticated atmosphere.

Our thorough approach, from structural modifications to the selection of premium materials and meticulous finishing touches, resulted in the successful transformation of our client's main bathroom into a space that exceeded expectations in both luxury and style.

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